2019-2020 Service Offer

Early Analysis Report

 Your opportunity to receive a detailed analysis of your results at EYFS, KS1 & KS2, months before the official DfE data become available. A first draft of this report is usually produced before the end of July, with updates as further data is released in August and September. This report uses data that is published in Perspective Lite

ASP-IDSR Analysis Report

 From September 2019, the performance data published by the DfE in Analysing School Performance (ASP) and Ofsted’s Inspection Dashboard Summary Report (IDSR) will be the only sources of information used by Ofsted inspectors to inform their pre-inspection preparations. My analysis report uses these two data sources to identify key messages and potential lines for enquiry.  

Data Summaries

 The analysis reports described above are detailed and comprehensive, running to about 30 pages each. Some schools like to have a shorter document which can be published on the school website or be included as part of the school’s self-evaluation. My data summaries present headline performance measures at each key stage, at a cohort level and for pupil groups, with a 3-year trend. For each key stage, a short evaluative commentary is provided and there is also the opportunity for the school to add their own information about the strategies they are employing in order to achieve further improvements. 

CPD for Senior Leaders

 An alternative (or addition) to the analysis reports above. An excellent opportunity for your senior leaders to develop their awareness and understanding of your school’s data. These sessions concentrate on understanding and interpreting the data, rather than how to operate the ASP website, although that can be covered too if required! The session will take up a morning or afternoon. If I haven’t written an analysis report for you, I will need an additional half day in advance to familiarise myself with your data. 

Governor Briefing Session

 These sessions usually last between 1 and 2 hours and are an ideal opportunity for your governors to get to grips with your school data. They will gain a clear picture of the strengths and areas for development which are indicated by the data, and feel more confident about interpreting performance data and providing appropriate challenge. As an independent analyst, I am also keen to ensure that governors understand the limitations of and weaknesses in the methodologies for measuring school performance, in order to avoid inappropriate conclusions being dawn from the data. 

Advice on the use of FFTAspire

 Most schools buy FFTAspire, but few make full use of it. A half-day session would cover the basics of how to use the system and understand the information provided; a full day session would provide greater opportunities for school leaders to pull out key messages, plan how to use target setting functionality and even spend time setting targets 

Training for groups of schools

I provide training for federations, learning partnerships, clusters, MATs etc. This can be a great opportunity for school leaders to come together to discuss common issues. This approach can offer cost-savings too! 

‘SEF’ Support

 With the introduction of the new Inspection framework from September 2019, Ofsted “does not require schools to provide … assessment or self-evaluation, other than that which is already part the school’s business processes”. This should prompt schools to question whether they need a ‘SEF’ at all, and if they do, to review their current approach to self-evaluation. Many existing SEFs will, for example, be structured to reflect the old OFSTED framework – this is unlikely to be a helpful format from September. I can provide support and advice in redesigning your self-evaluation documents, and in producing any ‘data’ sections which might be required 

Assessment and progress tracking review

The draft Inspection framework also states that “inspectors will not consider schools’ internal assessment data during an inspection.” However, the school’s use of assessment, and the appropriateness and proportionality of their approach to data collection and tracking will be a key aspect of inspectors’ investigations. Schools therefore need to be very confident about their rationale and strategy for assessment and tracking, the positive impact that it has on children’s learning, as well as being mindful of the impact that it has on staff workload. I can support and facilitate your own review of your current systems, provide information on how other schools are approaching this issue, and provide independent advice on the use of third party products such as tracking systems and standardised tests.

Data Mapping Service

Visual representation of performance and demographic data on a map! A potentially powerful element of your self-evaluation. 

Bespoke support

Specific research projects, Pupil Premium impact analysis, bespoke data analysis and reporting. 

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Regular newsletters, support and advice via telephone and email queries are provided free of charge to all customers! 


Standard daily rate: £450

If you book 5 or more days, the daily rate is reduced to £420 

½ day rate: £250 

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 If you are interested in any of my services, or want to see examples of my reports, please send an email to ian@ianstokes.org or use the contact form on this web site.