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Here are some of the comments I have received:


[Ian's report] "enabled me to to have the full attainment and progress data before the Summer. It allowed me to show the inspectors how we had sustained our results for a third year .... all this was 4 months before the release of the ASP. So, not to put to too finer point on it, the data Ian produces really helped in taking my school from Inadequate to Outstanding in 3 years. An essential, value for money brilliant document."

"You give clear analysis which is easy to understand and well presented. It supports Ofsted inspections superbly well and whole school evaluations."

"Thankyou for the extra bits of advice provided during the year as well as the documents and presentations.
Governors, school leaders and teaching staff have all commented on the accessibility and high quality of the reports Ian has produced. These pinpoint precisely the areas of strength and areas that may warrant further investigation. Ian explores and unpicks trends and outcomes in a 'human' approach - delving deeper than the often generic statements summarising performance. Presentations to school leaders and governors have left them feeling empowered to be able to articulate clearly the areas for focus and shaped the development of effective action plans."

"The reports we have received this year have been an enormous help in unravelling the new data system. The training we have received as SLT and Governors was excellent and ensured that everyone had a clear understanding of the data. Excellent service thank you!"

"Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this service. It provides clarity around strengths and areas to develop so that time can be spent on the actions to ensure the school moves forward."

"Ian has provided us with clear, easy to follow reports for both school leaders and governors. He has met with these teams to go through our external data and pulled off the impossible trick of making sense of the Governor Dashboard!"

"This has saved me so much time. The presentation to governors was very professional. The analysis documents were clear and easy for all stakeholders to understand. The regular updates and early comparisons to national data were extremely useful. Thank you"

"Outstanding service tailored to the needs of the school."

"I would not want lead my school without Ian's involvement - My school is extremely complex because of our contextual information. Ian's support means I can direct school improvement to the right areas and monitor data that for groups of children Ian identifies."

"Ian's Summary report was invaluable in presenting data to the governing body. I also appreciated the timely assessment updates."

"Thank you very much for this analysis, it has saved me a lot of work! I think it will be a great foundation to write the SEF on and gives us targets for the School Development Plan. It is also presented in a way that will make it easy to discuss with governors."

"Your report looks so much more professional than my usual one and really celebrates our results."

"A very comprehensive and positive report .It maks very good reading and we know which areas we need to work on. Thank you for your input, it was brilliant to come back to school with this all done."

"Thank you very much for being so prompt in completing this report. I am highly delighted with its quality and the level of detail provided and can't wait to share it with governors and staff. Your summaries are invaluable in supporting school improvement action plan priorities and the school context section will be very supportive in feeding into the SEF. The breakdown of pupil groups makes interesting reading in that there is not a common thread running through school and it is very helpful to have these cohort specific issues identified. Your report is quite heartening in identifying some positives in our data - the SLT has tended to focus on identifying aspects for improvement and you have helped bring it home that it is also important to celebrate successes. I think your summary is particularly useful in highlighting school's current position. This has saved us hours of work and is money well spent! I will certainly be recommending you to other Heads."

"Many thanks for this report. You have pulled out some clear evidence of our improving results over the last three years and the comparatives to local and national are really informative. it will be extremely helpful and save me and my SLT hours of analysis, especially with Ofsted due in our first half term back."

"We think you are awesome! That was a great presentation, with some interesting slants on data."

"Just gone through the report!  brilliant - thank you - really good analysis - it could be transformed into my sef and action plan!!!" 

"Our SIA loved your document so much he has taken my copy and has asked for me to email it him as well. He was amazed"

"Really pleased with this it has saved me oodles of work!"

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